Why Financial Vision & Services?

We work with you to build the right solutions; we create structures tailored to your individual situation; we help you create and preserve wealth.

Our goals

  • Work with you to create a financial life blueprint.
  • Obtain the best structure for you
  • Create a range of tailored solutions to address your current and future financial goals.
  • Provide you high value service packages that’s customised to your needs.

That’s why Financial Vision and Services – Your Financial Architect does more.

We will review your

  • current requirements and circumstances
  • define and map your future goals and aspirations
  • review your cash-flow and servicing requirements.

We will then recommend a structure that will not only address your needs but we will show you how to save even more by having the right cash-flow structure and using the loan features to their full potential.

We will provide a written statement of our recommendation, how it all works and why.

Does your adviser provide you with a written statement of finance that compares the best options, detail why the recommendation was made and how it best addresses your needs

If not why not?

Many lenders will not provide this information as they can only recommend their own product, so all you get is their product.

For your report and new structure contact us now

Can you get this from other providers?

Simply No –we are also qualified financial planners, we have the experience knowledge and scope to provide additional practical information backed by a written report. This includes protecting all you major assets, Life and income protection.

No one wants to sell their home to pay the bank/lender as a result of illness or death of the main income provider